Monday, March 3, 2014

The biggest sin of them all is...

The biggest sin of them all is the captivity of the soul. You got your own mind, a direction, a heart, and maybe a freaking crazy dream to pursue, but you can’t be there when you’re surrounded by people who brainwash you every moment of your life. That’s the sad truth. You’re in an eternal dilemma of truthfulness. You’re confused. You don’t know what is right or wrong.

Philosophers have always preached a way into listening to our hearts, but we can’t always do it. Most of us live a life filled with society. We prioritize society in our lives and the rules they lay upon us which, we fear, if not followed will eventually ruin our existence.

When you give an opinion, for once think how it will affect the mind and life of another. Whether the opinion is giving to keep your loved ones safe or to give them a better future, better beware the state of mind of the listener, because it is he who needs to understand what you say. And you’ll be the sinner if they don’t get it right.

I wish there was a way to sooth this. For now, I’ve come to believe that right or wrong doesn’t exist. Everything is perfect for people who somehow know how to prove. Sometimes, opinions captivate people, and you might even feel proud of it, but when this happens, those little dreams that could have made history, die! The world is not a place to live. It’s a place to survive. It’s a  prison.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The beginning of passion

Recently, I was reading Outliers - the story of success, by Malcolm Gladwell. As I read through the first two chapters, I hadn't yet completed the 10,000 hours rule yet, I discovered that there was a strange occurrence, again and again, in each story he recited. 

No outlier was a pro from the very beginning. In fact, they didn't even know what they were doing until they found it, fascinating. Fascination - the beginning of passion. And when you are fascinated by an opportunity that doesn't look like one at the first sight, but you simply enjoy the idea of it, and you start spending time with it.

And maybe, spend enough time to achieve appreciable results that keep you motivated to work more and spend enough time to master that chore, and become so good that eventually you look like a natural, as if you were a pro from the very first day, as if you had no drawbacks or past at all!

Of course, you can’t decide how lucky you will be. You might be fortunate or unfortunate to get the opportunities most outliers get, but what you have to care about is working your head out because you love doing it, because you never know what your are building upon is an opportunity.

There’s uncertainty and risk, but there also is something so enjoyable that you’re ready to stop carry on with your routine. So, here’s what you do - You move in the direction of what fascinates you, and never look back.